Ranco Thermostat  / Aquastat Wiring Instructions


Ranco Wiring Instructions
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Ranco Digital Thermostat wiring

A Ranco digital thermostat is a MUST for folks hooking up to an inside boiler in their home. Since indoor boilers normally run at 180 F, there is very little room for play. If the water temperature exceeds 180 F, your Pex pipe can be damaged. The water temperature coming into the indoor boiler has to be as hot as the indoor boiler normally is (to trick the boiler into not coming on). The mechanical thermostat that comes with the stove can vary by 10 to 20. This may raise the water temperature to way over 200 degrees. It is $125 installed (but not wired up) and comes with a dry well, for the probe, also installed.

The mechanical thermostat is very good thermostat because it is pretty much impervious to power surges but a better one is needed in these applications. However the digital thermostat is better because it can be adjusted to as tight as 3 F, though there is very little chance of overheating the Pex pipe.

A solenoid activated damper needs to be included as well (if not installed), to stop the air from bleeding into the firebox when the fan turns off. It is $125 installed and comes with a fan that is 50% bigger; 75 CFM vs 50 CFM. Air from bleeding into the firebox will cause a fire to smolder, raising the temperature of the water even when the fan is supposed to be off.


Ranco Wiring Instructions:

Ranco wiring terminals

Note the markings, in black, below the terminals (partly covered up below)

You'll need a short jumper wire to go from the "120" terminal, to the "C" on the bottom three terminals (2 to 2A)

On the top 3 terminals, you'll connect black from power to "120" and white to "COM". (2A and 3)

You can see the location of the white jumper wire (from terminals 'C' to '120') more clearly in this photo.

Then you'll come off the "NO" terminal, with a black wire and connect it to your blower (and solenoid if equipped) along with a white wire either from "COM" (or from a junction box you installed in your furnace.)


All ground (bare copper) wires go to a secure, fully seated screw, as shown above.



The dry well needs to be screwed into the fitting that is at the top (center) on the back of the furnace, behind the door - above the pumps. (Shaver Furnace)

You will see what looks like a bolt head (but is actually a plug). You will need to unscrew that and screw the dry well in its place, using Teflon tape.



Digital Thermostats

If you boiler does not have a digital thermostat, it is best to upgrade it to keep a tighter rein on water temperatures; to prevent boiling and Pex pipe failure due to excessive heat.

Most inside boilers run at 180F and so you cannot have 10-20 degree swings in temperature that you would get with a mechanical or surface mount thermostat.

RANCO 111000 digital thermostat aquastat

3-Piece Kit @ $91.65:


 Ranco Aquastat    

 1/2" Royal Drywell  

Reducer 3/4" male X 1/2" female brass to fit 1/2" drywell to 3/4' threads.




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